Dragon Court: Revived
Getting Started

Register a new Hero:
You need to create a hero first in order to play. A verification link is sent to your email, and once you have been verified, you can being playing on the main game page.

Game is not loading or can't see Login Screen:
You will need to enable Javascript on your browser in order to load the game to play. If that doesn't work, seek help in our Discord server.

Logging On:
Enter your name and password in the play area (the big box on the main game page with the huge words saying 'Dragon Court'). A picture with the words 'Enter Here' will appear. Click on the picture.

Designing Heroes:
You are given 20 build points to distribute between three characteristics, special abilities, and starting cash. When you have spent all your points, a button will appear allowing you to continue.

  • Guts: How much damage you can take before dying
  • Wits: How clever you are at solving problems
  • Charm: How likable you are with others
  • Wizard: Start with one magic ability (Hypnotize)
  • Warrior: Start with one fighter ability (Berzerk)
  • Trader: Start with one trading ability (Backstab, Swindle)
  • Sage: Start with one special ability to avoid a lethal encounter
  • Marks: Used to purchase goods, services or equipment

Buying Gear:
Once you have entered the game, go to town, then to the smithy and armourer. Buy a dagger and buckler. Click on the status bar (bottom of screen), then select and 'Use' your gear.

Status Bar:
You can click in the status bar at the bottom of the screen to get more detailed information about your hero. From here you can 'Use' (or wear) weapons, armour and magic items.

Most areas have a picture button labeled '{1}Quest!'. Click here to begin adventuring. At each stage you will be shown options. Deciding which option to select is all up to you.

Equipment Values:
[+#a+#d@] +#a is the attack bonus, +#d is the defense bonus. An ampersand ('@') indicates that the item has recently suffered from rust. If you don't see a display then take the item to the smithies to be identified.

To see if a piece of equipment has additional abilities, look for the 'Info' button. You can find one in all weapon shops and in your status screen.

Want To Know More?
You can discuss and learn more about advanced features such as clans, mail, missions and magic in our Discord server - Come join us!

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