Dragon Court: Revived
Patch Notes

V1.21.001 - 2024 Jan 28

Hero Rebirth

- Visit the guild to reset your hero!
- If you made a bad build, or simply want to experience a new hero once again, Fenton Magus will help you start anew, free of cost.
- Please note that once reborn, you will need to wait for a new quest day to begin playing on the reborn hero.

Solo Legends

- Create self-made heroes that rely only on their on guts, wits, and charm!
- This will be more difficult than regular play because these heroes are unable to send or receive mail, and are unable to use the clan functions.
- Solo Legend heroes will have gain fame at a faster rate and will be displayed in the leaderboards with a special color to indicate their status.
- Use the new Hero Rebirth feature to restart as a Solo Legend!

Hardcore Legends

- Create heroes similar to Solo Legend heroes, but have only a single life.
- Solo Legends rules also apply to these heroes and they are unable to send or receive mail, and are unable to use the clan functions. Falling in battle without a Faery means the end of the hero!
- Hardcore Legend heroes will have gain fame at an even faster rate than Solo Legend heroes and will be displayed in the leaderboards with a special color to indicate their status.
- Use the new Hero Rebirth feature to restart as a Hardcore Legend!

Other Changes

- Equipped gear can now be developed during challenges.
- Reduced weapon gamble and item marks costs at Rux's shop.
- Reduced essence upwards tier conversion costs at Rux's shop.
- Various bug and stability fixes.

V1.20.001 - 2023 Dec 10

Content Additions

- New Questing Zone: The Depths of Glimmerforge Caverns

Explore the mysterious Glimmerforge Caverns, a captivating new questing zone.

New NPCs
- Encounter Dorin Stonekeeper, proficient in soulbinds, soulbind removal and dismantling soulbound equipment.
- Discover Rux offering valuable goods in exchange for Essences and Marks.

Rare Essence System
- Collect rare Essences dropping in each region, with chances of obtaining them in Dragon Guard missions.

Item and Equipment Overhaul
- Uncover new items and equipment, including super rare world drops likely to be upgrades.
- Soulbound equipment now enchances the equipment stats by 10%.
- Underused equipment received some stat buffs.

Enhanced Sea/Go Fish Experience
- Face new enemies in Sea/Go Fish, breaking the monotony of Trader enemies.

End-Game Features
- Access new end-game equipment in Fate's Wheel for heroes within 5 levels of equip requirements.
- Undertake new missions at the Dragon Guard.
- Confront a challenging new end-game boss.

Bug Fixes and System Adjustments

Weapon Adjustments
- Corrected skill values for Silver Masamune and Silver Gladius to align with silver quality.

Grammar and Text Corrections
- Rectified spelling mistakes in Fred's dialogues.

User Interface Fixes
- Resolved BoE messages referring to the wrong equipment slot.
- Introduced a confirmation prompt when equipping a BoE.

Enchanting System Enhancements
- Max enchanting stacks increased.
- Improved enchanting success rates, though it becomes harder with more enchants on an item.
- Mage skill ranks now increase scroll application rates, including enchants.
- Equipment info screen indicates if an equipment trait like enchant is at its maximum.
- Scrolls like enchant remember the selected equipment for repeat usage.

Gameplay Adjustments
- Illuminati now correctly enables guild skill purchase buttons when low on quests.
- Jaguar drops SJF again.
- Making enemies panic with panic gear reduces their flee chance.
- Silvers/Crystals spawn rates improved in Fates Wheel.

Quality of Life (QOL) Improvements
- Fixed bug with status bar at the Guild not responding to clicks.
- Auto-saves on death no longer lag the game.
- Increased mouse wheel scroll amount (2 items per scroll).
- Arrow/WASD keys can be used to move up or down on item selections.

Inventory and Storage
- Saving improvements to mitigate lost progress around end of day, and mailing items.
- Sending mail is now case insensitive when entering a recipient name.
- 100k is now a transfer size option for sending mail or managing bank storage.
- Bag space increased by 15 to 75, and bank space increased by 20 to 100 (stacks with abilities).

Hero Management
- Hero selector can now be used to switch heroes after logging in to the game.
- End of day screen now includes a restart button to take you back to hero login.

End of Day Screen Enhancements
- End of day screen now shows wealth gained/loss based on marks on your hero and in the storage.
Combat and Skill Adjustments
- Tonic of Unskilling now recovers some lost stats initially used for training.
- Ieatsu now has a chance of core stat gains.
- Backstab and Ieatsu, when used and not resulting in a finishing blow, can still grant a chance of core stat gains, but at a lower chance.

Enjoy the updated and enriched gaming experience with Version 1.20!

V1.19.041 - 2023 Oct 29

- Auto-saves have been enhanced to accurately record your last location.
- The Clan page now includes a direct link, and your clan's abilities are displayed upon login.
- The Clan UI now enforces a 32-character limit on clan names.
- The Illuminati has fixed its accounting, reducing the cost of Sage skill Marks by half.
- Get ready for the enchanting "Faery Fridays," now accessible to every hero.
- Introducing Soulbound items, they never rust, but they are bound exclusively to your hero.
- Silver and Crystal equipment is now "Bind on Equip."
- Fates Wheel has been polished - less junk and better rewards based on your court rank.
- Fates Wheel now features Soulbound equipment for your ultimate protection.
- The bug causing issues with item identification when owning the exact number of Marks has been resolved.
- The Royal Court's negative quest exploit has been fixed.

V1.19.040 - 2023 Oct 22

- Name/Stats ordering in status screen is now remembered for future logins
- Added anti-aliasing rendering support
- Fixed bold and italic font rendering issues
- Added saved login and hero switching for heroes on the same email
- Early mobile/tablet support thanks to new saved login functions
- Elden needs a new private boat

V1.19.039 - 2023 Oct 19

- Tab and Enter keys now work on login screen
- Lists can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel
- Auto-save has been added
- Fixed loading of original Times New Roman font
- Base quest replenish amount increased from 40 to 50
- Sage training now correctly subtracts 2 Guts/2 Wits/2 Charm instead of 2 Guts/0 Wits/4 Charm

V1.19.038 - 2023 Oct 14

- Fixed status bar text cutting off Marks and worn equipment
- Fixed cut off text in (Silas) Keepers Tavern

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